Religious TV Day

It’s World Water Awareness Day, a fact brought to my attention by some mega-programming from a new tv channel called Pivot TV. Pivot came to my attention because it carries one of my favorite Canadian series, Little Mosque on the Prairie, in the morning hour I get to sit alone with a good cup of tea. But it’s also doing the kind of documentaries one associates with Free Speech TV and even PBS. Today’s offering was a huge series from a water professor in Norway, with detailed region-by-region history and foreign policy info from all around the world. It’s been on the entire day, with occasional breaks for HGTV (we have house renovations looming this spring), and totally transformational. If the goal of religion is to call us to better selves with wider information, they hit my sweet spot today. And since I was cooking, cleaning, and packing, there is no time lag, no distance gap. I watch a little and wash the dishes more carefully.

So check them out. And since they advertise themselves as “TV for Passionate Millennials,” maybe someone at 24 would want to check into them. They only have 9 likes on Facebook — a good sign that they are not being overrun by pesky boomers like me.


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