Just Showing Up

This is not a sophisticated post. On the contrary, it’s a post about how irrelevant sophisticated stuff can be.

I live in Vermont, which has just undergone its worst flooding since 1927 or 1938.  My town, Burlington, is a high-rise island of functionality within a frayed web of family, friends and community of faith. Our state government has been shut down indefinitely, which directly impacts my disabled partner and myself, as we have been awaiting an upgrade to her services. Now who knows what will happen to people like us? Do we start again? Is the money once set aside for us now going to folks flooded out? All the right people are working on these things, but so far, they are closing more things than they are reopening.

Our public radio station is currently running an on-air bulletin board of what people need and what people have to offer.

Usually, I disagree strongly with the statement that 90 per cent of ministry is just showing up, a rework of Woody Allen’s 90 per cent of life… But right now, that 90 per cent would totally fill one tiny part of my soul.

And this is what I want: I want President Obama to come here in person.  We are the only state not visited by his predecessor, and that made perfect sense on all sides. No love lost. But this was the first state to put its electoral votes in his column that night in 2008.  His lovely wife was just up here milking a money-cow that has done well for the left, and probably will again.

So this would be a great time to “just show up” and feel our pain.