Coffee as Sign of Progress

My partner has begun drinking coffee with caffeine. Not a lot, just one little soy-softened cup every day, but still, some. It’s her latest way of fighting back against Huntington’s Disease. Eleven years after diagnosis she has become so accustomed to the blessings of her medications that now, instead of using her meds to fight her disease, she’s using life to get control of some of the meds.

They smooth her movements and ease her moods, these meds, but in return, they tend to exact many hours of sleep. Mid morning: time to get up. Late morning: squeeze inĀ  a nap. Late afternoon: time for a second nap of the day. I might note that even if she falls asleep after dinner, and no matter what else is happen, her blue eyes pop open at 9 p.m. when Rachel Maddow comes on the box.

But now, Rachel is not alone in keeping my partner awake. The little French press I was given so long ago — someone was upgrading — is proof yet again that this woman belongs with me. I thought it was cute and saved it through several moves. And now it’s perfect for my sweetie. And thanks to our little French press, tonight we took a little walk to look at Christmas lights. We snarfed down a stir fry and now, we’re watching Rachel.

UUs make a lot of coffee jokes. But sometimes, it’s the most meaningful thing in life.