Greetings from the Trust Capital

Once again UU leaders are despairing about the lack of trust and mutual respect in our denominational culture. It reminds me a great deal of earlier discussions about sexual attraction: if you don’t name the positions of power and vulnerability, you’re not really talking about sexual attraction. Pure desire rests on a foundation of dynamic equality.

Which brings me to the worry about “trust.” Here in Vermont, our culture displays exactly the kind of trust and mutual respect these bloggers and thinkers long for. 

And what do we get in return? The nation’s highest rate of embezzlement.

And who’s #2?  The state that sends us bumper stickers saying, “Practice Aloha.”

I can’t speak for Hawaii, but in the article that brought this data together for us, the analysts blame two factors:

1) Too much trust

2) Too many small businesses (and small towns, to judge from the local news) that operate according to who they know and reject outside interference. In other words, “mutual respect.”

This is one reason I call for denominational officers who spend less time on vision and more on nuts and bolts.

When it comes to trust and mutual respect, I’m a pure Reaganite:

“Trust, but verify.”


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