Now that Solchi is Over, Let’s Learn about Ukraine

First, let’s take a look at this part of the world, and see where Ukraine, Georgia, and a few other countries lie in relation to Moscow. Imagine you’re in Washington, DC, where are these borders? Not too far away. Notice, also, that these nations stand squarely between you — Moscow — and the best market for your natural gas and other exports, namely, Western Europe.

Now, let’s learn the history. From the time of the Tsars, Russia has looked at these nations in about the way Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson looked at the Louisiana Purchase. The Russian strategy has been, for centuries, to support frontier settlements of Russians among people who valued their land, their culture, their history of living that culture on that land. So when you hear, today, that the President of Ukraine has moved from the west of his nation to the east, he has, in effect, gone back into the stockade. If you have Native American ancestors, you know what he’s doing.

This is not going to end, and it’s not going to easier. And if you think it’s not relevant to the US, just notice the locations of Turkey and Iran, in relation to all this. Whatever one thinks about our nation’s involvements in those locations, those involvements exist, and ultimately, loom large.

When enough time passed to release the transcripts of what happened during The Cuban Missile Crisis, it was clear that Russians cared nothing about their ideological ally in Cuban, compared to getting US long range missiles out of Turkey.

Americans are starting to wonder if we have to pay attention to Ukraine. Is this gonna be another Egypt — “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” — or is something more important going on? What are our interests in Ukraine and these other little countries? Well, if we’re counting on Western Europe to support us on the world stage, militarily, economically, even culturally, it’s time to get very serious.



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