What Perked Up my Fiancee This Morning

That earlier post on my fiancee’s physical challenges tells only one side of her story. Here’s the other:

This morning I spend about an hour trying to answer a question about the historical origin of a theological term used by our 18th century forebears. She waited. And waited. Wanting breakfast. Wanting a shower. And when I found what I believe to be the resource, I could hardly believe how perfectly it lines up with what I wanted it to say.

After a celebratory whooping sound, I read her the title page. At this she lit up and listened to several section heads.

I stopped at about section five, and she gathered herself together to speak clearly. 

“Are you sure there isn’t a problem in later chapters?”

The book:

the Religion of Jesus Delineated. London 1726.

Written as  a rebuttal to The Nature of Religion Delineated, which advocated deism. Also refuting unidentified “atheists.”

a lurking subtext seems to be the merchant encounters with Islam’s Golden Era, and the need to establish liberal Christianity as a better monotheism than Islam. A few nice words for Judaism, though, at first glance.

Now seriously, am I not lucky beyond words to have a fiancee who would delay her breakfast for systematic theological history?


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