Right Thing to Do?

Right Thing to Do?

Here is Scruffie-cat, sitting on the blue tub I have lined with insulation and fleece to keep him warm through the brutal Vermont winter. For a second or two last night — as the temps dipped below zero – he tried to come into the house. The real house. But he can’t do it. I won’t let him, and his feral instincts won’t let him, either.

Today I’ll add a good wool blanket and blue vinyl tarp around the outside. He’s already surviving, but he’s not thrilled, so maybe this will help. What wouldn’t they give for this blue tarp?

But God made cats, too, including Scruffie-cat. So I guess this will be okay.

But it makes me wonder: shouldn’t I give this blanket to human strays? Many of them have the same feral instinct as my Scruffie-cat.


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