Administration: The Invisible Job

You can’t tell how much work I’ve lately been putting into this blog, because it’s mostly trying to administer it better. Better pictures you can see, but more links, more of following others with curiosity about their ideas.

The invisibility of administration is a key reason so much of “society” is breaking down these days. People with jobs are overworked because so many “middle layers” and “support staff” have been streamlined right out of the administration. Yes, computers can send you emails, but you still have to open, read, contemplate, answer, file, and apply each one.  Yes, you can video conference with others, but with more and more crowded schedules, finding good times and making it work becomes a job in itself.

Administration is often the answer to “What do ministers do when they’re not doing worship?” It CERTAINLY explains why Directors of Religious Education and Congregational Administrators deserve more hours, more money, and sometimes, ordained status.  Administration means “service to” something, and if you’re not steeped in the spirit and mission of the congregation — or HEAVILY guided by someone who is — your work might very well be lacking.

So I’m working on what this blog is “in service to.” Denominational polity issues no longer fire my furnace. These days, my soul works more like a bonfire: structured to burn, but open to the living flame in everything.


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