After the Fracas

This fight between Planned Parenthood and Susan G. Kommen Foundation has given me a huge spiritual insight into why we don’t have Single Payer Universal Access health care in this country. It isn’t the Congress, not even the Tea Party part of it.

And it isn’t Obama’s gutless performance when he first entered the White House.

No, it’s the irreligious commitment to obtaining self-care through self-righteousness that puts the left and right on equal and blasphemous footing.

What can I say? Fate gave us a huge chance to move the ball toward the end zone by pointing out that Planned Parenthood is a frail and inadequate safety net on which so many are forced to rely, regardless of faith or politics. For one brief, shining moment, when you combine Mitt Romney’s malapropism and SGKF’s fumble, we had a receiver wide open on the ten yard line and… We weren’t ready for the 21st century.

No, we all scurried back to our fifty-yard-line positions, which is to say, the twentieth century oppositionalism, and waited for the ref to launch us back into the same old scuffle.

Pathetic. The Unitarian Universalist Association has been calling for SIngle Payer Universal Access health care for decades. And when we had a chance to reach the ten yard line, we were so surprised that we let the moment pass.

It’s football, people, football. And when the other side fumbles, you don’t carry the ball back midfield in stunned wonder, you lift your eyes to that end zone and aim for the receiver wearing your uniform. And then you throw FAST, before their defenders regroup.


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