THank you, Governor Daniels, for Using Your Spotlight to Rebuke the GOP’s Racists

Here’s a shout-out to Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana for beginning his Official Response to the State of Union with a pointed compliment to “The President and First Lady” for exemplifying the best in family life, as a welcome contrast to so many in public life.

Right off the bat, he was distinguishing between his own position and the “he’s not my president” crowd. Several times he said he was speaking for “the loyal opposition.”

In praising their private life, he rose above the “he’s not a Christian” gutter in which Rick Santorum stumbled the other day.

Since there’s a certain amount of racist name-calling right now about whether complaints about personal habits of people supporting or benefitting from government supports is a code for attacks on African-Americans, he stepped out to praise the character of the most famous black family among us.

And since he clearly doesn’t want to see Newt Gingrich take the White House, not even the nomination, it was a subtle reminder to Republicans that character counts when you’re picking a president.

Good job, Mitch.

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