Why Liberals Need to Watch the Superbowl

Several Sundays from now, two large groups of large men will present themselves to huge crowds braving the winter in Indianapolis, and millions more people braving the social selection gauntlet by choosing a Superbowl party — to play what Americans play football.

The liberal carping has already begun. “It’s so mindless: throw the ball to someone who tries to run it down a long boring field.” “It’s so violent. Those blunt body-blows send the wrong message.” “There’s so little elegance, few chances to make a clean, smooth move.”

These folks are revealing exactly why liberal views, despite the hopes and loyalty of a majority of the country, have so little appearance in our laws.

Those players whose whole function is hitting the quarterback before he can throw the ball or break free and run it smoothly? Think of them as lobbyists, at all levels, who stop your allies from introducing the bill you asked for, no matter how much they agree with it. They do it with money, they do it blackmail, they do it with professional organizations. So instead of bemoaning those nasty sacks, listen as the commentators explain the various strategies the defense has practiced in order to thwart each of the quarterback’s options.

Those players who run after the designated receiver and try to knock him down? Think of them as state legislatures. Under our federalist system, there are almost no areas of policy which the federal government can lay out and carry out by itself. That is so the federal government can’t run roughshod over civil liberties and public sentiment. And when the federal government lobs a pass so far down the field of visionary liberalism that citizens register fear of change or threats to power, reactionary forces turn to the state legislatures to stop the catch.

Those substitute players who come in when your team gets tired? The has-beens with one more good run left in their legs, the tackle who plays a little rough to risk major penalty time, but sure knows how to strikes fear when he comes in for a crucial moment, the place-kicker who never misses but has never kicked from this far back (sorry, Baltimore, I feel your pain on this), the back-up quarterback who hasn’t gotten that much practice because the starting QB hasn’t gotten injured all year — these are the folks you get with door-to-door petition drives, with meet-the-candidate breakfasts on really cold mornings, with tedious phone calls to people who checked “I can do this” on your internet site.

Liberals have somehow become convinced that progress happens with “Hail Mary” passes that sail unchallenged through the air to unguarded receivers not too far from the end zone.

So do me a favor: watch the Superbowl thinking about the political game I just described above. And then, figure out how you’re gonna help the right team win the many games that have just begun, so liberalism can claim not only the big trophy but the cumulative point advantage that gets each of those playing teams there in the first place.


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