Too Late to Trick or Treat?

How many UUs remember doing Trick or Treat for UNICEF?  Only two of my neighborhood kids held out the boxes for me, and all I had on hand was quarters.

But this situation in Pakistan really tells me it’s time to unleash my inner kid, get one of those boxes (I don’t have enough money to write a single check) and GIVE GIVE GIVE to UNICEF!   One of the best things we can do to show our interfaith solidarity right now is to join the Islamic community in zakat, the giving of charity to the Ummah.

Who’s on this side?  Who wants to step up!  Ask your DRE for the unused boxes, or contact UNICEF.  If you have more money than I do, here’s the link to send something that’s meaningful in North American dollars, euros, pounds sterling or yen.

Here in the United States, we’re starting to think about Santa Claus — what are we going to give, what are we going to get?  This year, my Advent spiritual practice is going to be emptying my nightly change into a UNICEF box for Pakistan.


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